How To Change Other People



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Thought for the Day

The way to change other people is to change ourselves.

We spend a lot of time worrying about what other people are doing.  We are quick to jump in and get involved in helping straighten out other people’s problems.  We do it out of a desire to help others, a big heart and hope that they will change.

What this does is keep us so busy that we cannot take time to be still and see what we need to change.  One thing that my Grandfathers and Grandmothers made me learn is that it is important to be still each day and listen.  On a regular basis, we need to take time to create Sacred Space and be still.  When we do that we are able to see where we need to change.  When we change for the better, then the people around us also change for the better.  If we want to help people we need to find time to be still.


As I said before Juniper needles and Juniper Berry are two of my favorite plants.   Juniper grows in Asia, Europe, and most of North American.  Juniper has been used by different cultures for a long time.  The first time Juniper was mentioned as medicine was in 1500 B.C. when it was used to treat internal parasites.    During Roman times, it was used for gas and stomach problems.  We use it to treat infection, stomach problems, and to help with arthritis.

It is also a wonderful herb to cook meat and soups with.  I love to eat Juniper Berry after it has cooked in soup or beans.  Not only does it taste good, but it helps keep the bad bugs out of your system.

Juniper Berries have been used as a seasoning for centuries in Northern Europe in game meat dishes.  Traditional dishes like choucroute garnie use Juniper Berries.  Juniper Berries are also used in some German and Eastern Europe cooking.  Northern Italy also uses Juniper Berries as a seasoning.

Juniper Berries is not only good food and medicine it is still used to make Gin today.  Gin from Juniper Berries was originally produced in the 17th century in the Netherlands to be used as medicine.  It was thought to stimulate appetite and help with rheumatism and arthritis.


Amethyst is an amazing stone with many properties.  One thing to remember is that, with our logical mind, we wonder how a stone would make a difference in our lives.  Stones carry energy or what we call medicine.  When that energy merges with our energy then changes take place.  Just because we cannot measure something and results are only word of mouth that does not mean it does not exist.

Amethyst has been used for centuries.  Greek mythology says that the color of the stone comes from having wine spilled on quartz crystals by the god of wine Dionysus. The Greeks may have been the first ones to use Amethyst to help cure alcohol abuse.  It is said that using the stone keeps one from getting drunk.  It also calms the mind and helps people’s characters and actions become balanced.  It can be used by people who are recovering or want to recover from drug addiction.

It is also a stone that soothes us while helping heal the physical body, our minds and our spirits.  People with high energy levels can benefit from using this stone.

Book We Are Reading
Wind is my Mother by Bear Heart

By now even the slow readers should be through Chapter 4.  Go back and pick out one thing from each chapter that meant the most to you.  Then start a notebook and write it down in your own words.  I f you will start a notebook and write the important parts from each chapter in the notebook it will help you change it from knowledge to part of your life.  Anything you learn and do not apply to your life is just knowledge and does not help you.  You should be using what you learn to make your self stronger.  Acquiring knowledge without using it is a waste of time.

If you have not done it yet, go back and highlight the parts that were important to you.  I do that on any of the books that I read.  No one likes to get the book after I read them because they are all marked up.  We are going to talk about Chapter 5 tomorrow so be sure that you have read it and highlighted what spoke to you.

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Sacred Space and Prayer

Orginally Posted 012613

Thought for the Day
Many times people do not hear what we say because they see what we do.

Do you really believe and apply what you tell other people to do.  If you tell people to trust Creator, do you do it?  If you tell other people to pray every day, do you do it?  If you tell people to start every morning with prayer, do you do it?  Do you walk what you speak.  Remember many time people can not hear what we say because they are seeing what we do.

Do you live what you speak?  If not is it time to change that?

Sacred Space

Now here is the important part of praying in Sacred Space.  Anytime you pray for someone else’s need you have to pray for one need of your own.  It is very easy to get caught up praying for others and to forget to ask for help on your journey.  When people first start doing that they struggle with coming up with something to pray about for themselves.  Over time it gets easier to admit that we have things we need to pray for.

Remember we are not perfect, and if we are not perfect there is always plenty to pray about.  It is just hard to get into the habit of praying for our selves. The important thing to remember is that for things to change in your life you have to change.  If you do not change, the circumstances in your life will not change.  So it is important to pray for change within ourselves so that change takes place around us

Plant People

So now you should have taken the pieces we put in each Firebear’s Ramblings and should have a document on Sage and one on Cedar.  Tomorrow we will start talking about Juniper.

Juniper is used to replace Cedar in the southwest where I grew up.  Juniper is also what they make gin from.  Even though Juniper is part of the Cedar family I am going to spend time talking about it because it is one of my favorite plants.

Stone People


Amethyst is the purple version of quartz.  Amethyst has a long history of use by many different cultures.

Until the mines in Brazil were discovered it was a very expensive stone comparable to sapphires and rubies.   An example of that is the Queen Charlotte of England had an amethyst bracelet that in the 18th century was worth 2000 pounds sterling.  About 200 years later after the find of Amethyst in South America the same bracelet was only worth 100 pounds.

One of the main things that Amethyst is said to do is to increase physic awareness.  It has also been used while meditating for centuries by Buddhist monks.  They believe it increases their connection to Mother Earth and allows them to connect to the deeper meaning of things.

We will continue talking about Amethyst tomorrow meanwhile here are a couple of pictures of amethyst.

Amethist_quartz.jpeg Amethyst_QuartzAmethyst




The Wind is my Mother

You should be starting on Chapter four now.  In the coming chapters we will be talking more about what he teaches.  At the beginning of the fourth chapter he talks about complicating things.  Make sure you read and understand what he is saying.  Remember his formal training was in psychology.

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The Red Road is a Journey Not a Destination

012413  endlabradorite


Remember if you go back to the issues you missed and take each section and paste it into a document you will end up with a teaching on that subject.  For instance, start a document on Using Sacred Space and each time copy and paste what is here into the document.  After you have added, all of the information, you will have a teaching on Using Sacred Space.  If you missed any of these go to the link above and you can see the missed issues.

Thought for the Day
Red Road is a journey not a destination

Learning to walk in a good way will take the rest of your life.  There is never a point where you have arrived, and the journey is over.  The lessons you learn will change and hopefully get easier as you learn to listen and grow.

We believe that each person walks their own path.  Each person is responsible for the consequences of their actions.

When we learn to take responsibility for our own life that is when we can start to change our lives.  As we change and learn the things around us change.  That is one of the universal laws that you hear people talk about. It is set in stone that when we change things around us change.  Over the next few days, we will spend time talking about change in our lives.

Sacred Space

When in Sacred Space you should always remember to pray for others.  It can be children, grandchildren, soldiers, family, friends, and the list goes on.  When you pray it is important that you do not interfere in someone’s life with your prayer.  Do not pray for specific outcomes for someone.   For instance if someone has a problem with alcohol you would not pray for them to stop drinking you would pray that they would learn what they need to quickly so whatever is best in their life can happen.

We always spend time praying for whatever is best for the people whom we pray for, but at the same time we think we know what is best for them.  For instance, if one of my daughters were in a bad relationship I would not pray for her to get out of the relationship. I would pray that whatever is best for my daughter happen.  That if is it best they stay together then heal the relationship and if it is not best for them to stay together then for Creator to show her that.

It can be hard to pray that way because we want our outcome or result and that may not be best.


Next issue we will talk about Juniper.  In the meantime do a little research on your own and see what you find.

Here is a good place to start

This site is owned by the people I get my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs



The reason I mentioned that is if Labradorite cleanses or chases away negative things like anxiety, depression and hopelessness then it has to replace it with something. Labradorite brings strength, enthusiasm, new ideas and an increase in self-confidence.  It also brings to us clear thinking, and helps us cooperate with others in a good way.

People who have rheumatism and arthritis this is a great stone to carry.  The energy from the stone is said to help heal joint problems, bone problems and to help with back pain.

If the surface of Labradorite becomes cloudy, then you need to clean it by placing it in water, in the sun for at least four days.  It will allow the stone to regenerate and refresh.

If you want to know more about cleaning and caring for stones, here is one of the best that I know of   Secrets of Crystal Healing Luc Bourgault

The Wind is my Mother

As you read chapter three your challenge it to find four things that you can take and apply to your life.   You are looking for four things that if you apply them, it will make a difference in your life.  There are more then four things that you can use in the chapter, so it will be easy to find four.

All the books we talk about or read together that should always be your goal.  Finding things that you can apply to your life and change things for the better

Talk Soon


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Who Measures You

Originally sent 012313  whomeasuresyou

Read to the end please as I have a question for you.

Thought For The Day
It is not about what others believe is right for me. It is what I believe that is right for me.

We have spent time talking about whose yardstick you are trying to measure up to.  Is it other people or is it yours based on your belief system.  Hopefully by now you have written down what you believe so that you know what your beliefs are.  If you have, then you are way ahead of many people in the world.

Next rambling we will start talking about using what you believe in your life and how to be open to changing what you believe.

Sacred Space

There are no hard and fast rules about praying.  Remember prayer is nothing but a conversation between you and Creator and the spirits who help us.  Naturally we are not going to speak to Creator as we would speak to one of our buddies we grew up with.  We are also not going to speak with big words and use what I call, “Spiritual Speak”.

“Spiritual Speak” is where we try to talk in a way that we believe sounds spiritual.  It is when we speak to impress the people who are with us instead of from the heart.  When you pray it should be like talking to an Elder that you respect.

Again no hard fast rules but if you sit in Sacred Space and do not give thanks for things in your life then something is wrong.  There is not anyone that cannot find something in their life to be grateful.  If nothing else give gratitude that you woke up this morning and that you are still breathing the breathe of life.   So always, always (add a few more always) take time to express your gratitude for things in your life.


It can be applied externally for violent pain in muscles using the oil mixture warmed.  Do not warm any herbal salves or infused oils in the microwave.

Cedar can be used as an insect repellent.  Stop and think about it.  Why do they store things in Cedar Chest?  They use it to keep the bugs out.  People have been using them all along as an insect repellent.  It is believed that if you are sleeping outside and use Cedar in your bedding that snakes won’t come around.

You can use the ashes from burned Cedar externally as a very strong antiseptic.

White Cedar is used most of the time but in the Southwest where I grew up there was not much flat cedar, so Juniper was used.  In the Southeast Cypress was used since most Cedar is in the same family as Cypress.

We will continue our journey talking about Juniper the plant I grew up with.


What is said about this stone?

One of the many things Labradorite does is to give quick relief from anxiety.   Any one having anxiety/panic attacks this is a good stone to carry.  It is also a good to stone to keep around to hand to someone that is feeling anxious.  It also helps chase away hopelessness, negativity and even helps with depression.  If you are wearing the stone and someone does not want to be around you, for no apparent reason, ask yourself what their attitude is.  If they are being negative or have a negative attitude and you are wearing Labradorite they are not going to want to be near you.

Just as with anything, when something leaves something new comes in.     If you chase  unwanted or untrue thoughts away and do not start thinking true or  good thoughts than the thoughts you chase away will be back.,   We wonder why the same thoughts keeps coming up over and over.   When we do not change our way of thinking the old patterns keep repeating themselves.

Wind is my Mother

Well by now you should have read the first two chapters.  Hopefully you used a highlighter to mark things that spoke to you.  When I do that, it is easy to go back over the pages I have read and refresh my memory.  Take time to highlight or underline the parts that speak to you.

Chapter 3 is a very interesting chapter.  It continues the tail of how he started and learned to walk the medicine road. The first four chapters of the book are about his journey, not about what he learned on his journey.  In Chapter 3 two of the most important parts are on page 38 and 39.  See if you can figure out what I think is important on those two pages and in the next Firebear’s Rambling I will tell you.  If you want to, you can email me and let me know what you think is important on those pages.  Remember there is no right or wrong answers only what YOU believe and think.

I have been told that I am sending out to much information at one time and that it is hard to take it all in.  It has been requested that I shorten the teachings and spread them out over more days.  If you would give my your opinion I would appreciate it.    Let me know what you think please?

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Who Put The Marks On Your Yardstick

Issue from 012113 youryardstick

To View The Issues You Missed

Remember if you go back to the issues you missed and take each section and paste it into a document you will end up with a teaching on that subject.  For instance, start a document on Using Sacred Space and each time copy and paste what is here into the document.  After you add all of them you will have a teaching on Using Sacred Space.  If you missed any of these go to the link above and you can see the missed issues.

Thought for the Day

You will never measure up on someone else’s yardstick.

You need to take the teachings that you have received in your life and use them to mark your yardstick.   It does not matter if they came from a parent, grandparent or elder.  If they are good teachings about how to live you take those and use them to put the mark your yardstick.,   You measure your life by that, not by others ideas of what your life should be.  That is why at the beginning of the month I said that you needed to write down what you believe.  If you do not know what you believe how will you know what is right or wrong?    How will you know what you need to change in your life?  It is important to know what you believe and to live by it.

Using Sacred Space

Each time you hold the smudging dish or your stone up you say something like, “Spirit of the East I am grateful for _____________”.  You do that to each direction, Mother Earth, Creator and Ancestors.  It is important you be very specific about what you are grateful for.  Not just a simple thank you.  Mention what you are grateful for, no matter how small or large it is.  If you do that then you whole attitude will change as you realize how much you have to be grateful for.
One thing I recommend is that any time you give gratitude that you remember to be thankful for the breath which you are breathing.  Many of your friends and family no longer breathe the breath of life.  Be thankful for the breath of life it is a great gift.

Now that, you have smudged, stated your intentions and expressed your gratitude it is time to sit quietly and listen.  It is also time to speak to Creator, and the ones that help Creator, about anything that you need to.


Applied externally it is a wonderful medicine.  An ointment made with oil or fat using the leaves works wonders on rheumatism when applied as a rub.   You place the leaves in lard or oil after crushing the leaves in a mortar.  Put them in the top of a double boiler until the crushed leaves are blended in.  It usually takes about an hour for that to happen.  Then allow it to cool some and place it on a cloth that is applied to the affected area.  It also helps with Arthritis.

This same poultice can be used on swollen hands and feet with good results.  Personally I make mine with Olive Oil.  This oil smells wonderful when you rub it on, and it also helps the swelling and pain.


When you sleep at night it is wonderful to place under your pillow, but be ready for some very vivid dreams.  People who put a piece of Labradorite under their pillow at night say that their dreams seem to be realer.  That not only are their dreams clearer, but they are better able to remember them the next day.

I know that it increases your spiritual connection and mental abilities along with increasing your ability to sense what is going on around you.  It is a definite strong connection to spiritual beings and the higher power that surrounds you.

Labradorite by increasing our spiritual energy and connection also protects us from things around us sapping our energy.  It helps us understand what has been sapping our energy and when it does that we are able to let go of things that affect us without us know they do.

The Book Wind is my Mother
For those of you that are interested in Clans be sure that you read pages 26, 27, 28 as it tells you how the Creek nation got there clans.  Also on page 38 there is a very good teaching about receiving and giving.  Take time to read it and take it into your heart.

We will talk tomorrow.

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