Can you hear

Thought for the day

How can we hear what is said to us if we do not take time to listen.

Using Sacred Space

Now that you have created Sacred Space by smudging it is time to enjoy what you have done.

It does not matter where the Sacred Space is.  It can be outside in the woods.  It might be in a park out of the way of people.  It might be inside your house.  It might even be in your garage.  I often times sage my office and create Sacred Space there.  It is anywhere you can sit quietly and not be disturbed after smudging.

As you create Sacred Space it is important through the whole process to be as quiet as possible and to pay attention to what you are feeling and seeing.   In Sacred Space,  it is important that anyone there with you speak no more then necessary.  By not speaking and breaking what is going on inside of you, everyone can be aware of what is going through their mind and the way they feel.  As you begin to use the Sacred Space, you will feel a change taking place inside of you.

Now that, you are in a good place, or are in the process of getting there, it is time to use your personal pipe if you have one.  You do not have to have a pipe to sit in Sacred Space and pray.  Many people have a special stone that they hold.  Others will use a charcoal disk in a heat proof dish and place tobacco, sweet grass, cedar and sage on it when they pray. (I use an Abalone shell).  Whatever speaks to you but you need to have something special that you do when you sit in Sacred Space because you are training you mind to be still.

To Be Continued

The Wind Is My Mother

This book was first published in 1996 by Random House.  It has been translated into 14 different languages.  Bear Heart the author of the book left his physical robe on August 4, 2008 at the age of 90.

One thing to remember while you are reading this book is that he was born in 1918.  In the first chapter of the book, he talks about the Trail of Tears.  His information is from people who walked the Trail of Tears.  Bear Hearts great grandmother died on the Trail of Tears.  Which means for her to be his Great- Grandmother then she had to be old enough to have had a child who was his Grandmother or Grandfather.   I clearly remember learning from my Great Grandfather so what he learned about the Trail of Tears was from family members who suffered through that.

I am going to wait a few days before I start adding anything in about the book we are reading this month, “The Wind Is My Mother” to give people time to start reading the book.  If you have read the book before, please read it again as we talk about it.  If you don’t have a copy, Amazon has a used one for $4.00 including shipping.  There is a link to the book down below.
Book for January
Wind is my Mother by Bear Heart

To be continued

So that is it for today more to come tomorrow.

About Fire Bear

I am a professional storyteller, Native American Flute Player, herbalist and a seeker of knowledge and sharer of what I have learned. My wife and I run Acorn Haven Spiritual Center in Kentucky. I have been a Rodeo Clown, Deputy Sheriff, Newspaper Editor, Business Owner, Truck Driver, Part-time College Professor, spiritual counselor, teacher, alternative healer and much more. My wife and I have been helping people with addictions for over 20 years. We help by helping them find the spiritual tools they need to make changes in their lives. I believe this gives me the ability to write about diverse subjects. My writing is always sprinkled with a unique point of view and humor.
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2 Responses to Can you hear

  1. zenkitties says:

    Nice love the article,

    I just wanted to share my sacred space. Probably not suprisingly, it is the moment in which I awake in the morning. Where the mind boots back up into a personality. But instead of this process, I slowly bring myself back to silence of the morning.

    Seeing that thought doesn’t have to be present and when thought is not present, reality or life being lived is seen clearly. There is no conflict, no problem to solve. Just a vast emptiness that permeates into everything.

    That is my sacred space, my natural state. Cheers.


  2. I quite like the idea of having a sacred space each day. To be still, quiet and not to talk but to just listen to what your heart is saying whilst blocking out the madness of the day. Enjoyed the post mate.

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