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Disclaimer:  I am telling you want I learned about herbs.  I am not a doctor so before using any herb always educate yourself about the herb and talk to your medical practitioner.

All information about stones and plants is what I have learned and is for educational purposes only.  Nothing written here about plants or stones is meant to diagnose ailments or recommend treatments.

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By now you should be working on your list, or you soon will be.

Thought for Today

You cannot listen if you are talking.

If you are talking to yourself silently or your mind is going 90 miles an hour you can not listen to Creator, Spirit, the Stone People or the Plant People much less listen to what is inside of you.

So, the secret is learning how to be still.  Here  are a few things to achieve that.

First you need to have sacred space.  It needs to be someplace that you can go and be still without being disturbed.  That way your mind is not worrying about who is going to walk in or up.

Second you need to do something different when you are in this space so that your mind learns that when you are in this space it is time to shut down.  We are constantly training our mind to do things.  Most of the time we do not teach good things to our mind.  Our mind is very teachable.  Aside from the spiritual reasons to sage your space that is one of the reasons we do that.  When the smell of sage hits our mind, it goes okay time for me to shut down.

Tomorrow we will talk more about creating Sacred Space and how to do it.

Plant People

Disclaimer:  I am telling you want I learned about herbs.  I am not a doctor so before using any herb always educate your self about the herb and talk to your medical practitioner.

The first plant we will talk about is Sage.

We use sage to clean negative energy or entities from ourselves, our objects and an area.  Sage also is a wonderful antibiotic.  I have used a sage tea foot bath to help with sore feet and things like athletes foot.  Sage is also a very good seasoning.  Although there are many varieties of sage, the one used the most is called Grandfather Sage or White Sage.,   We will talk tomorrow about how to use Sage.

The first stone I want to talk about is the Apache Tear.  It is from obsidian and is said to be of tears that were shed.  It is used for protection from negative energies along with other uses.  It can be carried in your pocket or a bag around you neck.  It can also be carried on a bag tied to you your belt or waist.

We will continue the discussion on the Apache tear tomorrow.

I am trying to keep it short, but it will be fun because there is much that can be said about each thing.  My goal is to start you on your journey of discovery not to teach you everything in a blog post.  (This is impossible.)

We will talk soon


About Fire Bear

I am a professional storyteller, Native American Flute Player, herbalist and a seeker of knowledge and sharer of what I have learned. My wife and I run Acorn Haven Spiritual Center in Kentucky. I have been a Rodeo Clown, Deputy Sheriff, Newspaper Editor, Business Owner, Truck Driver, Part-time College Professor, spiritual counselor, teacher, alternative healer and much more. My wife and I have been helping people with addictions for over 20 years. We help by helping them find the spiritual tools they need to make changes in their lives. I believe this gives me the ability to write about diverse subjects. My writing is always sprinkled with a unique point of view and humor.
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