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January 03, 2013 Issue of Firebear’s Ramblings

Today is our yesterday, and today is our tomorrow.

If we are where we are because of the choices and decisions in the past, then that means where we will be tomorrow will be controlled by the choices and decisions that we make right now, today.  The way we walk today determines what we will be five minutes from now, an hour from now and it determines where we will be tomorrow.

That is why our Elders teach us to walk in a good way and in constant prayer.  When we do, tomorrow will be good.

During this month,  we will be talking about and quoting from the book, “The Wind is My Mother” By Bear Heart.  Those that have not read it might want to read it with the rest of us.  If you do not have a copy you can get a copy here.  Wind is my Mother by Bear Heart

About Fire Bear

I am a professional storyteller, Native American Flute Player, herbalist and a seeker of knowledge and sharer of what I have learned. My wife and I run Acorn Haven Spiritual Center in Kentucky. I have been a Rodeo Clown, Deputy Sheriff, Newspaper Editor, Business Owner, Truck Driver, Part-time College Professor, spiritual counselor, teacher, alternative healer and much more. My wife and I have been helping people with addictions for over 20 years. We help by helping them find the spiritual tools they need to make changes in their lives. I believe this gives me the ability to write about diverse subjects. My writing is always sprinkled with a unique point of view and humor.
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