It Is What We Don’t Do That Matters

You knew I was going to ask.  Is your homework, “What I believe Spiritually” done yet?  No, your dog did not eat it.  Try another one.

Thought for the day

It is not what we do but what we don’t do that keeps us from doing what we are supposed to.

How many times have you prayed and asked what you should do.  Then when you heard the answer you did not do what you heard.

How many times have you had someone come to mind and felt you needed to call them and you didn’t.  Later you find out that they were struggling, and your call would have helped.

We can continue on with, “How many times” until the page is full.

It is the things we know, feel or hear that we do not do or follow through on that keeps us struggling where we are.  We have the answers inside of us or Creator arranges for us to get them, but it does not do us any good unless we follow through.

The thing we hear to do may be something as simple as calling, texting, or emailing someone who is on our mind.  We pray Creator use me to help others, but we are not willing to follow through on what he tells us because it is not our idea of how we want to help.

My prayer is that Creator forgives me for the things that I have not done because there are more of them then things I have done wrong.

Sacred Space

When you light the sage as soon as it is burning good blow the flames out and let it smolder.  If you are by yourself, you can sage with a couple of leaves and do not have to use handfuls.  If you are using a bundle of sage after saging you can let it go out.   I like to keep sage going especially when are first starting the time in Sacred Space.  It is important to have a cloth or something under the container because it can get hot enough to burn you or what it is sitting on.

Now with lit sage in a heat proof container, (a glass ash tray does not work, it will break at the worst time), start in the East and sage in the four directions.  You are cleaning the spirit pathways and opening the doors.  Hold the sage in front of you when you are facing the direction and with a fan, a feather or your hand move sage in that direction.  (A feather or fan is always preferred over the hand. Turn Sun wise after offering smoke in the East to the South and do the same thing in the other directions.  After you have sent smoke to the North, then continue turning to the East.

To be continued

About Fire Bear

I am a professional storyteller, Native American Flute Player, herbalist and a seeker of knowledge and sharer of what I have learned. My wife and I run Acorn Haven Spiritual Center in Kentucky. I have been a Rodeo Clown, Deputy Sheriff, Newspaper Editor, Business Owner, Truck Driver, Part-time College Professor, spiritual counselor, teacher, alternative healer and much more. My wife and I have been helping people with addictions for over 20 years. We help by helping them find the spiritual tools they need to make changes in their lives. I believe this gives me the ability to write about diverse subjects. My writing is always sprinkled with a unique point of view and humor.
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