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Thought for the Day

The way to change other people is to change ourselves.

We spend a lot of time worrying about what other people are doing.  We are quick to jump in and get involved in helping straighten out other people’s problems.  We do it out of a desire to help others, a big heart and hope that they will change.

What this does is keep us so busy that we cannot take time to be still and see what we need to change.  One thing that my Grandfathers and Grandmothers made me learn is that it is important to be still each day and listen.  On a regular basis, we need to take time to create Sacred Space and be still.  When we do that we are able to see where we need to change.  When we change for the better, then the people around us also change for the better.  If we want to help people we need to find time to be still.


As I said before Juniper needles and Juniper Berry are two of my favorite plants.   Juniper grows in Asia, Europe, and most of North American.  Juniper has been used by different cultures for a long time.  The first time Juniper was mentioned as medicine was in 1500 B.C. when it was used to treat internal parasites.    During Roman times, it was used for gas and stomach problems.  We use it to treat infection, stomach problems, and to help with arthritis.

It is also a wonderful herb to cook meat and soups with.  I love to eat Juniper Berry after it has cooked in soup or beans.  Not only does it taste good, but it helps keep the bad bugs out of your system.

Juniper Berries have been used as a seasoning for centuries in Northern Europe in game meat dishes.  Traditional dishes like choucroute garnie use Juniper Berries.  Juniper Berries are also used in some German and Eastern Europe cooking.  Northern Italy also uses Juniper Berries as a seasoning.

Juniper Berries is not only good food and medicine it is still used to make Gin today.  Gin from Juniper Berries was originally produced in the 17th century in the Netherlands to be used as medicine.  It was thought to stimulate appetite and help with rheumatism and arthritis.


Amethyst is an amazing stone with many properties.  One thing to remember is that, with our logical mind, we wonder how a stone would make a difference in our lives.  Stones carry energy or what we call medicine.  When that energy merges with our energy then changes take place.  Just because we cannot measure something and results are only word of mouth that does not mean it does not exist.

Amethyst has been used for centuries.  Greek mythology says that the color of the stone comes from having wine spilled on quartz crystals by the god of wine Dionysus. The Greeks may have been the first ones to use Amethyst to help cure alcohol abuse.  It is said that using the stone keeps one from getting drunk.  It also calms the mind and helps people’s characters and actions become balanced.  It can be used by people who are recovering or want to recover from drug addiction.

It is also a stone that soothes us while helping heal the physical body, our minds and our spirits.  People with high energy levels can benefit from using this stone.

Book We Are Reading
Wind is my Mother by Bear Heart

By now even the slow readers should be through Chapter 4.  Go back and pick out one thing from each chapter that meant the most to you.  Then start a notebook and write it down in your own words.  I f you will start a notebook and write the important parts from each chapter in the notebook it will help you change it from knowledge to part of your life.  Anything you learn and do not apply to your life is just knowledge and does not help you.  You should be using what you learn to make your self stronger.  Acquiring knowledge without using it is a waste of time.

If you have not done it yet, go back and highlight the parts that were important to you.  I do that on any of the books that I read.  No one likes to get the book after I read them because they are all marked up.  We are going to talk about Chapter 5 tomorrow so be sure that you have read it and highlighted what spoke to you.

About Fire Bear

I am a professional storyteller, Native American Flute Player, herbalist and a seeker of knowledge and sharer of what I have learned. My wife and I run Acorn Haven Spiritual Center in Kentucky. I have been a Rodeo Clown, Deputy Sheriff, Newspaper Editor, Business Owner, Truck Driver, Part-time College Professor, spiritual counselor, teacher, alternative healer and much more. My wife and I have been helping people with addictions for over 20 years. We help by helping them find the spiritual tools they need to make changes in their lives. I believe this gives me the ability to write about diverse subjects. My writing is always sprinkled with a unique point of view and humor.
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4 Responses to How To Change Other People

  1. Emily Sharp says:

    Hi Firebear. My name is Emily Sharp and I am a 5th grade teacher at Southern Elementary in Lexington, KY. I used to teach at Dixie and I know you would go to the school there to share your stories/experiences with the kids. I was wondering if you are still doing that, and if you are would you be willing to come to Southern?


  2. Annie Marie Peters says:

    Very insightful. I never thought about how changing our own attitude has a ripple effect with others. By controlling our own self, we encourage and inspire others to do the same. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  3. Jess K says:

    Thank you. Like water to a thirsty soul are wise words that speak the truth about the self… and all that connects the self to this Great Mystery. You posts help to find what is easily lost in the day.

  4. Jess K says:

    Thank you. Your words help to find what is easily lost in the daily commotion of life. The most important things that go unnoticed…

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