How to Use Sacred Space Part 3

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Whose Ruler Are You Using?

All of us look at our lives and at times feel like what we have done or not done is not good enough.  Then we beat ourselves up because we are not measuring up.  The problem with that is that we are judging ourselves with someone else’s ruler.  We are judging ourselves by our parent’s values, society’s values, friend’s values and the list goes on.  We have to learn how to use our own ruler to measure our lives.  That is why what we did at the beginning of the month, writing down what we believed spiritually, was so important.  If you do not know what you believe, than how can you know if you are living by your ruler.

As long as we are using someone else’s ruler we will never measure up or be good enough.  Whose ruler are you using?

Remember if you take what you receive each day and paste it into a document named Using Sacred Space when we get through talking about it you will have the teaching about Using Sacred Space in one document.
The same is true of any of the things we talk about.  I am sending the information to you in installments to avoid having longer blog post then what they are.

Using Sacred Space
You never take your pipe or any sacred objects out until you have smudged your sacred area.  If you have a personal pipe, then you should have been taught how to fill it and use it properly.  If you feel you need to know more about using your personal pipe then get in touch with me and we will talk about it.,

If you are using a stone then hold it up to the directions when you speak.,   If you are using a dish or a shell with herbs in it, then you add a little tobacco or tobacco mixture to the charcoal disk as you state your intentions.  To each of the directions you hold up tobacco and respectfully acknowledge them and tell them why you are there. After speaking to them place it on Mother Earth or on the charcoal.

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