Cherokee Months

Cherokee Dwelling

Cherokee Months

Remember these months to do not match the months we use exactly.  They were lunar months and the 13th month was used to make up the difference.

October          Harvest Moon             Du-ni-n(v)-di

November       Trading Moon             Nv-da-de-wi

 December       Snow Moon                V-s-gi-yi

 January          Cold Moon                 U-no-lv-ta-ni

February         Boney Moon              Ka-ga-li

 March             Windy Moon              A-nv-yi

 April               Flower Moon              Ka-wo-ni

 May                Planting Moon            A-n(i)-s-gv-ti

June               Green Corn Moon       Di-ha-lu-yi

July                Ripe Corn Moon         Gu-ye-quo-ni

August            Fruit Moon                Ga-lo-ni

 September          Nut Moon                       Du-li-s-di

13th moon       Blue Moon                 So-*i

A good Book The Cherokee Full Circle: A Practical Guide to Sacred Ceremonies and Traditions

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