Choctaw and Sun Bear’s Medicine Wheel Months

Choctaw Months and Sun Bear Months

The dates are not exact dates for the Choctaw Months because it is based on a lunar calendar and the months are based on a Solar Calender.  I have included the month’s that Sun Bear used in his books on the Medicine Wheel because many people are familiar with them.

Date                   Sun Bear’s Medicine  Choctaw Month of the

Wheel  Month

Dec 22-Jan 19    Earth Renewal          Hash Chaf iskono  little famine

Jan 20-Feb 18    Rest and Cleansing   Hash Chafo Chito  big famine

Feb 19-Mar 20    Big Winds Moon        Hash Mali            winds

Mar 21-Apr 19     Budding Trees Moon Hash Bissi           blackberry

Apr 20-May 20     Frogs Return Moon Hash Bihi              mulberry

May 21-June 20    Corn Planting Moon Hash Takkon       peach

June 21-July 22    Strong Sun Moon   Hash Watallak       crane

July 23-Aug 22     Ripe Berries Moon  Hash Luak Mosholi  fires all out

Aug 23-Sep 22     Harvest Moon         Hash Tek Inhashi  woman

Sep 23-Oct 23      Ducks Fly Moon      Hash Koinchush  wildcat

Oct 24-Nov 21     Freeze Up Moon      Hash Koichus      panther

Nov 22-Dec 21    Long Snows Moon    Hash Haponi       big cooking

Sun Bears Book Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology

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  1. Very interesting! I host the website “Do You Know”, and have a feature called “In Honor of Sun Bear, and as well a feature “Through the Moons: (The Native American 13 month Calendar of the Year), which currently features the Wampanoag moon months. By next October I will have done all thirteen moon months, and will be looking for a new tribal set!

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    In Honor of Sun Bear:
    This column pays tribute to the late Sun Bear founder of the racial diverse Bear Tribe, and a medicine teacher personally influential through his writings for me. The totemic correspondences of his medicine wheel (colors, minerals, plants, and animals) for the given month of the issue are related.
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    This feature presents Native American vocabulary words in Wampanoag and/or/other native languages, alluding to subjects and topics in the given issue, plus more.

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