Choctaw Months

Choctaw Months

 The dates are not exact dates for the Choctaw Months because it is based on a lunar calendar and the months are based on a Solar Calender.  I have included the month’s that Sun Bear used in his books on the Medicine Wheel because many people are familiar with them.

Date                 Choctaw Month of the

Dec 22-Jan 19         Hash Chaf iskono  little famine

Jan 20-Feb 18         Hash Chafo Chito  big famine

Feb 19-Mar 20        Hash Mali               winds

Mar 21-Apr 19         Hash Bissi              blackberry

Apr 20-May 20       Hash Bihi               mulberry

May 21-June 20      Hash Takkon        peach

June 21-July 22      Hash Watallak      crane

July 23-Aug 22       Hash Luak Mosholi  fires all out

Aug 23-Sep 22        Hash Tek Inhashi  woman

Sep 23-Oct 23         Hash Koinchush  wildcat

Oct 24-Nov 21         Hash Koichus       panther

Nov 22-Dec 21        Hash Haponi        big cooking

Sun Bears Book Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology

Sun Bears Book Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology Work Book



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