Sun Bear’s Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology Months

I have included the month’s that Sun Bear used in his books on the Medicine Wheel because many people are familiar with them.

Date                   Sun Bear’s Medicine  Wheel  Month

Dec 22-Jan 19    Earth Renewal

Jan 20-Feb 18    Rest and Cleansing

Feb 19-Mar 20    Big Winds Moon

Mar 21-Apr 19     Budding Trees Moon

Apr 20-May 20     Frogs Return Moon

May 21-June 20    Corn Planting Moon

June 21-July 22    Strong Sun Moon

July 23-Aug 22     Ripe Berries Moon

Aug 23-Sep 22     Harvest Moon

Sep 23-Oct 23      Ducks Fly Moon

Oct 24-Nov 21     Freeze Up Moon

Nov 22-Dec 21    Long Snows Moon

Sun Bears Book Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology

Sun Bears Book Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology Work Book

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