How to Use Sacred Space Part 3

Thought For The Day


Whose Ruler Are You Using?

All of us look at our lives and at times feel like what we have done or not done is not good enough.  Then we beat ourselves up because we are not measuring up.  The problem with that is that we are judging ourselves with someone else’s ruler.  We are judging ourselves by our parent’s values, society’s values, friend’s values and the list goes on.  We have to learn how to use our own ruler to measure our lives.  That is why what we did at the beginning of the month, writing down what we believed spiritually, was so important.  If you do not know what you believe, than how can you know if you are living by your ruler.

As long as we are using someone else’s ruler we will never measure up or be good enough.  Whose ruler are you using?

Remember if you take what you receive each day and paste it into a document named Using Sacred Space when we get through talking about it you will have the teaching about Using Sacred Space in one document.
The same is true of any of the things we talk about.  I am sending the information to you in installments to avoid having longer blog post then what they are.

Using Sacred Space
You never take your pipe or any sacred objects out until you have smudged your sacred area.  If you have a personal pipe, then you should have been taught how to fill it and use it properly.  If you feel you need to know more about using your personal pipe then get in touch with me and we will talk about it.,

If you are using a stone then hold it up to the directions when you speak.,   If you are using a dish or a shell with herbs in it, then you add a little tobacco or tobacco mixture to the charcoal disk as you state your intentions.  To each of the directions you hold up tobacco and respectfully acknowledge them and tell them why you are there. After speaking to them place it on Mother Earth or on the charcoal.

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Can you hear

Thought for the day

How can we hear what is said to us if we do not take time to listen.

Using Sacred Space

Now that you have created Sacred Space by smudging it is time to enjoy what you have done.

It does not matter where the Sacred Space is.  It can be outside in the woods.  It might be in a park out of the way of people.  It might be inside your house.  It might even be in your garage.  I often times sage my office and create Sacred Space there.  It is anywhere you can sit quietly and not be disturbed after smudging.

As you create Sacred Space it is important through the whole process to be as quiet as possible and to pay attention to what you are feeling and seeing.   In Sacred Space,  it is important that anyone there with you speak no more then necessary.  By not speaking and breaking what is going on inside of you, everyone can be aware of what is going through their mind and the way they feel.  As you begin to use the Sacred Space, you will feel a change taking place inside of you.

Now that, you are in a good place, or are in the process of getting there, it is time to use your personal pipe if you have one.  You do not have to have a pipe to sit in Sacred Space and pray.  Many people have a special stone that they hold.  Others will use a charcoal disk in a heat proof dish and place tobacco, sweet grass, cedar and sage on it when they pray. (I use an Abalone shell).  Whatever speaks to you but you need to have something special that you do when you sit in Sacred Space because you are training you mind to be still.

To Be Continued

The Wind Is My Mother

This book was first published in 1996 by Random House.  It has been translated into 14 different languages.  Bear Heart the author of the book left his physical robe on August 4, 2008 at the age of 90.

One thing to remember while you are reading this book is that he was born in 1918.  In the first chapter of the book, he talks about the Trail of Tears.  His information is from people who walked the Trail of Tears.  Bear Hearts great grandmother died on the Trail of Tears.  Which means for her to be his Great- Grandmother then she had to be old enough to have had a child who was his Grandmother or Grandfather.   I clearly remember learning from my Great Grandfather so what he learned about the Trail of Tears was from family members who suffered through that.

I am going to wait a few days before I start adding anything in about the book we are reading this month, “The Wind Is My Mother” to give people time to start reading the book.  If you have read the book before, please read it again as we talk about it.  If you don’t have a copy, Amazon has a used one for $4.00 including shipping.  There is a link to the book down below.
Book for January
Wind is my Mother by Bear Heart

To be continued

So that is it for today more to come tomorrow.

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Stones and Plants


From time to time you will see things mentioned here that are not included.  That is because these blog post are part of Firebears Ramblings a newsletter that we put out and not all the information is posted here in the blog.  If you would like to receive the newsletter click here.

Today we finish up with establishing Sacred Space, Sage and Apache Tears.  If you will take, for example, the first Rambling that talked about Sage and copy what is there and paste it in a document and then go to the next one and so forth you will have in one document the teachings we do on Sage.,   Do the same for the Apache Tear and Sacred Space.  I have given you what I know in segments so copy and paste them into three documents.

We are going to continue tomorrow talking about Sacred Space, Cedar and Labradorite of the stone people.  We will add to that the book that you should have read at least the first chapter of The Wind is My Mother.

My now you should have written down what you believe spiritually.  If not then you need to as it will help you in this journey.,

There is a link down below for those of you that missed the first few Ramblings this year that you can click on, and it will take you where you can see all the issues and read them.

Sacred Space

Start in the East again turning the same way and sage anyone that is there and anything they have with them, anything that is in the circle and anything you brought into the Sacred Space.  Then after going around until you are facing the east again sage yourself.  Now your Sacred Space has been cleansed, and it is time to begin.

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What is it time for in your life


Thought for the Day
There is a time and place for everything.  In your life what is it time for?

This one is a hard one for each of us to understand.  In our lives the things that we need will come into out lives when we need them.  For instance if you have been wanting to learn more about what we call the Red Road but have not been able to find a way to do that maybe it wasn’t time?  When we are ready then it happens.

It is true about relationships along with many other things.  If you are not in a relationship but are wanting someone in your life then the question to ask yourself is what do you need to work on so that when the times comes you will be ready.  It may be letting go of past hurts, mistrust or so many other things.

When the time is right what we need comes along.  It may be a teacher, ceremony, friend, community of any number of other things.  So the question is, what is it time for in your life and what is your part in it.

Sacred Space

For this to make sense you need to put all of the teachings of creating Sacred Space together.  You are getting these teachings in installments  If you go to what is under each heading over the last few issues, and copy and past them into a document then you will get the whole story.  I wrote what I know and have broken it up into segments that are meant to be learned together.

We continue

Starting in the East again travel Sun wise and sage your circle.    Using your hand, a feather or fan sage where you are sitting, where your sacred items will be and anywhere else you will be reaching or touching.  You this once again traveling Sun wise (Clockwise) and send smoke until you complete the circle and end up in the East again.
Where we hang out
Native American Journey


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It Is What We Don’t Do That Matters

You knew I was going to ask.  Is your homework, “What I believe Spiritually” done yet?  No, your dog did not eat it.  Try another one.

Thought for the day

It is not what we do but what we don’t do that keeps us from doing what we are supposed to.

How many times have you prayed and asked what you should do.  Then when you heard the answer you did not do what you heard.

How many times have you had someone come to mind and felt you needed to call them and you didn’t.  Later you find out that they were struggling, and your call would have helped.

We can continue on with, “How many times” until the page is full.

It is the things we know, feel or hear that we do not do or follow through on that keeps us struggling where we are.  We have the answers inside of us or Creator arranges for us to get them, but it does not do us any good unless we follow through.

The thing we hear to do may be something as simple as calling, texting, or emailing someone who is on our mind.  We pray Creator use me to help others, but we are not willing to follow through on what he tells us because it is not our idea of how we want to help.

My prayer is that Creator forgives me for the things that I have not done because there are more of them then things I have done wrong.

Sacred Space

When you light the sage as soon as it is burning good blow the flames out and let it smolder.  If you are by yourself, you can sage with a couple of leaves and do not have to use handfuls.  If you are using a bundle of sage after saging you can let it go out.   I like to keep sage going especially when are first starting the time in Sacred Space.  It is important to have a cloth or something under the container because it can get hot enough to burn you or what it is sitting on.

Now with lit sage in a heat proof container, (a glass ash tray does not work, it will break at the worst time), start in the East and sage in the four directions.  You are cleaning the spirit pathways and opening the doors.  Hold the sage in front of you when you are facing the direction and with a fan, a feather or your hand move sage in that direction.  (A feather or fan is always preferred over the hand. Turn Sun wise after offering smoke in the East to the South and do the same thing in the other directions.  After you have sent smoke to the North, then continue turning to the East.

To be continued

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