Plant People

Disclaimer:  I am telling you want I learned about herbs.  I am not a doctor so before using any herb always educate your self about the herb and talk to your medical practitioner.

All information about stones and plants is what I have learned and is for educational purposes only.  Nothing written here about plants or stones is meant to diagnose ailments or recommend treatments.

I will be talking about plants that I use and know.  There is a lot of this information on the Internet, and it is not my intention to repeat it.  Some of the things I agree with some I don’t.  What you get here is what I have learned and what I was taught.

I am posting this here for the people who are in our extended community who has trouble finding someone to help them learn about the herbs.

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Sweetgrass dried

This is Sweet Grass that was dried but not braided. It was used as a decoration and to scent the room.

Sweetgrass Braids

This is Sweet Grass that has been braided into a large braid and a small braid.


Sweet Grass Live Plant

Sweetgrass or Vanilla Grass

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