Disclaimer:  I am telling you want I learned about herbs.  I am not a doctor so before using any herb always educate yourself about the herb and talk to your medical practitioner.
All information about stones and plants is what I have learned and is for educational purposes only.  Nothing written here about plants or stones is meant to diagnose ailments or recommend treatments.

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We use sage to clean negative energy or entities from ourselves, our objects and an area.  Sage also is a wonderful antibiotic.  I have used a sage tea foot bath to help with sore feet and things like athletes foot.  Sage is also a very good seasoning.  Although there are many varieties of sage, the one used the most is called Grandfather Sage or White Sage.,   We will talk tomorrow about how to use Sage.

White Sage is also called Bee Sage.  It was used in the past by many other cultures.  One of the things Sage does is help with digestion.  If you have an upset stomach you can chew a leaf, or if you have a pipe you can smoke a bowl of straight sage, and it generally helps calm the stomach.  That is one of the reasons people who have trouble smoking tobacco in a sacred pipe add sage to their pipe mix.

Sage has been approved as a natural treatment for eczema and is currently being studied to see how it affects diabetes.  Many recommend a cup of sage tea on an empty stomach to help control sugar levels and boost insulin production.  We will talk  about Sage again tomorrow.

We have already talked about using sage before a ceremony.  A good way to look at it is that the Sage washes us off spiritually and gets us ready for the ceremony.  Also, it washes off any unwanted stuff from the objects we wear or bring into ceremony.

The smell of the sage is also calming as many of you who have been in ceremony can attest to.  You know the difference you feel once you smell the sage before a ceremony.  Native Americans are not the only culture who uses sage, and there are also many spiritual paths that use sage for cleansing.

There are many other uses that we have not mentioned yet.  One of the things that sage does is that it helps with gas.  To food that causes gas add sage to reduce gas or use it as    a tea to help relieve gas problems.  It also can be used for diarrhea (antibacterial properties) and heartburn.  Sage is good for cold sores, gum disease sore mouth, throat or tongue.  Use sage tea to rinse your mouth.  Sage tea is also a very good anti-inflammatory.

It is has also been shown that mothers who have an excessive milk flow or have decided not to nurse their babies can reduce the milk flow by drinking a sage tea.

Some people use the smoke of sage to help with asthma.  It is said to help boost the immune system and is a good fever reducer because of the antibacterial properties.

In a home where there has been an illness, it is a good idea to burn sage to help kill the bacteria that might remain for the illness.

Sage is great when used as a seasoning.  You can use it to season meats, stews, breads and more.  Each time you use sage you are adding the beneficial properties to the food.  For instance if someone has cold, flu, or an infection of some kind then it is a perfect time to add it to food to help them. It will not only add vitamins and minerals to the food, but it will add immune boosting properties also.

Here are some other ways to use sage.  If you have a Ladybug problem sage is a great Ladybug repellent.   Just crush up the dried leaves and spread them when they are traveling or congregating and no more Ladybugs without using any harmful chemicals.  It doesn’t kill the Lady Bugs it just makes them move elsewhere.

You can also use crushed dried leaves to keep cats out of your flower beds or elsewhere.  If you have an indoor plant that cats like to get into, than crushed dried leaves will change that.  If you don’t want cats getting somewhere now, you know how to discourage them in a nice way.  Besides it makes the house smell great.

Sage comes from different plant families.  True sages are from the Salvia family.  Like Garden Sage which is Salvia Officinalis and what we call White Sage or California White Sage which is Salvia Apiana.

Many of the other types of sage such as Prairie Sage, Lakota Sage, Desert Sage, Prairie Sage and others are all used the same as White Sage, but they are from the Asteracea Family.  They are all used for healing and cleansing of sacred space.  I grew up using a sage that grew outside around our house, and it wasn’t until later in life that I learned about White Sage.

If you want to know more about sage, here is a good book. Sacred Sage: How It Heals

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