Labradorite is one of my favorite stones.  It was originally found on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada around 1770.  That is why it is called Labradorite.  Since then it has been found in other places like, Russia, Norway, Madagascar, Finland and other places.

Labradorite has also been found in Meteorites, so we know that it is not only found here on Mother Earth but that it is also a part of our Universe that we live in.

Labradorite from Finland and gem quality Labradorite is called spectrolite.

According to a legend from the North, the Northern Lights were captured in the rocks on the Labradorite Peninsula.  An Inuit warrior found the lights trapped in the rocks and struck the rocks with his spear.  Most of the lights were able to escape but not all of them.  That is why you see the lights in Labradorite.  Labradorite is the rock that had captured the Northern Lights, and the light in it is the Northern Lights that did not escape.


Labradorite Lights

The Northern Lights Captured in the stone

Labradorite needs to be on your person or under you pillow when you sleep at night.  It can be in a bag you wear, in jewelry or it your pocket.  It has to be on you in someway.

Labradorite is a stone of the North.  At the last Winter Solstice, because we were moving into the time of the North, we gave out a piece of Labradorite in a white deer skin bag. That white deer skin bag is a perfect way to carry Labradorite with you.  If you carry stones in you pocket, it is best to carry them in a small bag so that things in your pocket do not damage them.  Carrying the stone in a bag around your neck is another way to carry it.

Before we talk about other uses of the stone let’s talk about the way I use it.   I use the stone to increase my spiritual connection.  I find that if I have the stone on me when I am in Sacred Area I am much more open and receptive to what I see and feel.  It also helps me stay relaxed and carry a feeling that everything is okay.  As I go through the day, I feel what is around me more and feel a stronger connection to Mother Earth.  It helps me feel my connection to the Universe.

When someone says that they feel disconnected from the Creator I give them one of these stones to carry.

When you sleep at night it is wonderful to place under your pillow, but be ready for some very vivid dreams.  People who put a piece of Labradorite under their pillow at night say that their dreams seem to be realer.  That not only are their dreams clearer, but they are better able to remember them the next day.

Small Labradorite Stone

Small Labradorite Stone

I know that it increases your spiritual connection and mental abilities along with increasing your ability to sense what is going on around you.  It is a definite strong connection to spiritual beings and the higher power that surrounds you.

Labradorite by increasing our spiritual energy and connection also protects us from things around us sapping our energy.  It helps us understand what has been sapping our energy and when it does that we are able to let go of things that affect us without us know they do.

What is said about this stone?

One of the many things Labradorite does is to give quick relief from anxiety.   Any one having anxiety/panic attacks this is a good stone to carry.  It is also a good to stone to keep around to hand to someone that is feeling anxious.  It also helps chase away hopelessness, negativity and even helps with depression.  If you are wearing the stone and someone does not want to be around you, for no apparent reason, ask yourself what their attitude is.  If they are being negative or have a negative attitude and you are wearing Labradorite they are not going to want to be near you.

Just as with anything, when something leaves something new comes in.     If you chase  unwanted or untrue thoughts away and do not start thinking true or  good thoughts than the thoughts you chase away will be back.,   We wonder why the same thoughts keeps coming up over and over.   When we do not change our way of thinking the old patterns keep repeating themselves.

The reason I mentioned that is if Labradorite cleanses or chases away negative things like anxiety, depression and hopelessness then it has to replace it with something. Labradorite brings strength, enthusiasm, new ideas and an increase in self-confidence.  It also brings to us clear thinking, and helps us cooperate with others in a good way.

People who have rheumatism and arthritis this is a great stone to carry.  The energy from the stone is said to help heal joint problems, bone problems and to help with back pain.

If the surface of Labradorite becomes cloudy, then you need to clean it by placing it in water, in the sun for at least four days.  It will allow the stone to regenerate and refresh.

If you want to know more about cleaning and caring for stones, here is one of the best that I know of   Secrets of Crystal Healing Luc Bourgault


3 Responses to Labradorite

  1. Victoria says:

    My new labradorite piece has been giving me CRAZYYYY dreams every night! So vivid!

  2. Jen says:

    Everything I read said don’t leave labradorite in water because it will dissolve,. and in this article towards the bottom said if the surface becomes cloudy to leave it in water, in the sun, for 4 days. This is concerning.

    • Hosay says:

      I agree with you Jen, everything I have read also says no, I’d not want to put it in water to check and take others word for it that it will dissolve, it looks porous, the unpolished rough versions.

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