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Today we finish up with establishing Sacred Space, Sage and Apache Tears.  If you will take, for example, the first Rambling that talked about Sage and copy what is there and paste it in a document and then go to the next one and so forth you will have in one document the teachings we do on Sage.,   Do the same for the Apache Tear and Sacred Space.  I have given you what I know in segments so copy and paste them into three documents.

We are going to continue tomorrow talking about Sacred Space, Cedar and Labradorite of the stone people.  We will add to that the book that you should have read at least the first chapter of The Wind is My Mother.

My now you should have written down what you believe spiritually.  If not then you need to as it will help you in this journey.,

There is a link down below for those of you that missed the first few Ramblings this year that you can click on, and it will take you where you can see all the issues and read them.

Sacred Space

Start in the East again turning the same way and sage anyone that is there and anything they have with them, anything that is in the circle and anything you brought into the Sacred Space.  Then after going around until you are facing the east again sage yourself.  Now your Sacred Space has been cleansed, and it is time to begin.

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